• We dig deeper

  • We generate sales

  • We create customers

  • We pinpoint leads

  • We inspire donors

  • We increase subscribers

  • We build membership

  • We drive your business

Direct marketing that drives your business.

What we do

We target smarter, move faster, and look deeper — so you can close more sales.


We sharpen your competitive edge with programs that support your sales force, conform to your system, and increase your ROI.


Deep data analysis informs and supports all our targeting decisions. Our models drive responses and increase customer value.


Things can change quickly — we get that. We’re flexible enough to react to project revisions and last-minute brilliant ideas in real time while still hitting even the tightest drop dates.


Our work begins by getting a clear understanding of your goals and needs. And that comes from listening carefully and maintaining close communication throughout the project. We hear you!

Our Work

We produce targeted, measurable, and cost-effective solutions.

Close sales

We find the people most interested in your products or services and then lead them to you. Think of us as your own turbo-powered lead generator.

Inspire action

New donors and members don’t magically appear — direct marketing finds them and inspires them to act.

Acquire customers

Subscriptions don’t sell themselves — direct marketing does. We pinpoint quality leads and deliver offers that subscribers can’t refuse.

Drive business

Customers don’t just walk in your door. You have to seek them out. We generate qualified leads — leads that turn into customers who open accounts, establish long-term relationships, and increase your bottom line.

About Us

Everything you need for direct mail. Nothing you don’t.

Formed in 1993, Direct Resources Group is dedicated solely to direct marketing including lead generation, customer acquisition, cross-sell marketing, membership, and fundraising. We transform ideas into strategic campaigns that sell.

Our experience, meticulous measurement, and tracking let you know exactly which programs are producing sales, which are not, and why. This gives you a deeper understanding of the behavior and motivations of your customers, which translates to richer engagements and higher sales and retention. In short, a greater return on investment for you. And improving your ROI is our mission.

Leadership Team

DRG’s leadership is a well-oiled DM machine: strategic, analytical, creative, and ROI-focused.

Stephen Jensen, Co-Founder, President

Stephen Jensen

Co-Founder, President

After several years working in the direct marketing field, Stephen co-founded Direct Resources Group with Scott Zorn in 1993. Today, he manages a variety of customer retention and acquisition programs for clients such as T-Mobile and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as donor acquisition and renewal programs for a variety of non-profit organizations.

Scott Zorn, Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Scott Zorn

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Scott co-founded DRG with Stephen Jensen in 1993. He created a nationwide fundraising program for one of the country’s largest healthcare providers, and currently manages a variety of successful lead generation, customer acquisition, and membership programs for clients such as PEMCO Insurance, T-Mobile, the High Museum of Art, and many others.

Brad Douglas, VP Client Services

Brad Douglas

VP Client Services

Brad has more than 25 years of leadership experience in agency-side and client-side direct marketing, including deep sales strategy expertise in the financial, insurance, telecom, and resort industries. Since joining DRG in 2007, he has managed client relationships with Banner Bank, Insight Communications, The Hartford, and T-Mobile, among others.

Real-world results

We measure our success by your ROI. Our proven process is based on response data and real-world results gleaned from more than 20 years of projects and performance testing. Here’s how we do it.

Understand your business needs. We ask the right questions and listen closely. The foundation of our partnership is clear communication.

Craft the strategy. We develop clear strategies and action plans while setting honest expectations. Whether your goal is more customers, subscribers, members, or donors, our analysis and insights mean better results for you.

Collect and crunch the data. This is our passion. Data is often the key difference between acceptable and great, so we obsess over it. Our expertise allows us to turn research and data into insights that lead to more effective lists and measurable performance improvements.

Develop winning creative. We create direct mail that sells. It’s that simple. Direct marketing is part of the sales process, so increasing sales is always the goal. Delivering the right message to the right targets means higher returns for you, along with valuable insights into your campaign performance metrics. This includes bi-lingual campaigns so we’re speaking to consumers in their native languages.

Test. Then test again. It’s the only way to know what moves your market to act. Without rigorous testing you’re missing opportunities and leaving money on the table.

Track, measure, refine, repeat. Engineering a successful direct marketing sales engine is an evolutionary process. We constantly refine our analysis and reporting methods to help you better understand customer behavior and motivations. Clearer insights mean more qualified leads and higher ROI for you. We hit your targets over and over to achieve incremental improvements with each campaign. And then we do it again.


Direct Resources Group

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We’re always looking for talented, innovative, and experienced business analysts, creative thinkers, copywriters, and designers with diverse interests and backgrounds who thrive in collaborative, fast paced environments. If this sounds like you then we’d love to hear from you. Check out our careers page for more info.

Client Quotes

  • “A smart and reliable direct mail agency.”

    Mark Williams, Director of Marketing
    The Hartford
  • “A team of straight-talking problem solvers.”

    Brad Noble, Director of Marketing
    Carriage Hills Resort, Barrie, Ontario
  • “We couldn’t be happier. The campaign was more successful than we could ever have imagined.”

    Marilyn Cahill, Director of Membership
    California Academy of Sciences
  • “DRG always brings fresh ideas, and is always ROI focused.”

    Shelley Dickinson, Senior Manager, Marketing